In our changing global environment, communication is the key to understanding other peoples and cultures. More than 220 million people speak German worldwide and the German program prepares its students to thrive as global citizens in a diverse world. Students acquire language proficiency and cultural competence that provide insight into the culture, literature, and history of German-speaking countries and enables them to travel, study, and work in areas where the target language is used.

Degree Programs

Students will gain an understanding of German cultures, literature and history and to foundational texts that shaped the modern world. It will give them an edge when looking for job opportunities that are based in or do business with other companies in German-speaking countries.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The German program has partner universities in Erlangen-Nuremberg and Karlsruhe, Germany where students can pursue studies for a semester or academic year in German and their second major. The German program at Minnesota State Mankato also has short-term study opportunities.


We offer tutoring sessions for students who would like some extra help with their language learning. 

Student Organizations

Students have the opportunity to get engaged in community and university activities and organizations that allow them to use their language and understanding of culture.

German Program Contact & Faculty Information

Questions? Feel free to contact us to learn more about the German Program.