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We are in the debt of other projects in Minnesota and elsewhere that serve as models and resources for this mapping project. The following sources are important to helping us fulfill our mission to conduct research and educate the community.
Projects and Websites
  • Historyopolis, Augsburg University. This website provides community research of Minneapolis.
    • The research was led by Kirsten Delegard who later co-founded Mapping Prejudice and, according to Delegard, was important work to provide geographical and historical contextualization for the mapping project.
  • The Just Deeds Project, Edina Realty Title, Minneapolis Area Realtors, Mapping Prejudice, Minnesota Association of City Attorneys, and City of Golden Valley.
    • This project helps cities and homeowners to discharge restrictive covenants under Minnesota law. There are currently thirteen participating cities in the state, and the website provides a toolkit for other cities who want to participate.
  • Mapping Inequality, Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond.
    • This project digitizes redlining maps from across the United States.
  • Mapping Prejudice, Borchert Map Library, University of Minnesota.
    • This project maps restrictive covenants in Hennepin County, Minnesota. They have also started a project in Ramsey County. There are a lot of educational resources on this website for the purpose of training students and volunteers.
  • Mapping Racial Covenants in Olmsted County, NAACP Rochester branch.
    • This project researches and documents restrictive covenants in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • Segregating Seattle, The Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project, University of Washington.
    • This project researches and documents restrictive covenants in Seattle, Washington.
Scholarly sources
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  • Taylor, Keeanga-Yamahtta. Race for Profit: How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black Homeownership. Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2019.
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