Computer Specifications and FAQ for Graphic Design

ART BFA students with an emphasis in Graphic Design are not required to own a personal computer to complete the program. Two Mac design labs running the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs are available for registered students 24/7 when classes are in session. Students are welcome to work in the labs on design projects.

Almost all students choose to purchase personal computers at some point, so they have the flexibility to work at home. Although many computers will work for most design tasks, we strongly suggest students choose computers that meet the minimum hardware specs for the most intensive program they will use during their courses. The minimum hardware specs required for Adobe Premier Pro will provide an excellent baseline for computers that will remain functional through the course of studies.

Tablets, iPads, Chrome Books, MacBook Airs, and other smaller devices are not powerful enough to smoothly run the software required for classes.

Are Mac or PC computers preferred?

Graphic designers have historically used Mac computers and many companies will supply Macs to their design team. However, the software and tools needed for the design program run equally well on either platform. You may use a PC or Mac while completing your degree.

What software is required?

Almost all students purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription during their studies, so they have the flexibility to work outside of the labs. Adobe offers an educational discount for students.

What other devices are recommended?

We strongly recommend students have access to a high quality external hard drive to back up their computer. External hard drives used for backups should be two times the size of the computer’s internal hard drive.

Many students enjoy creating work on tablets like the iPad when paired with a digital pen. Tablets are not required, but they are useful and can easily be incorporated into the student’s design process.