Technical communication classes will teach you to communicate ideas and information effectively. We typically study how people communicate at work and we focus upon making documents that are clear, concise, accurate, thorough, and easy for the audience to use.

Undergraduate Program

All degrees and certificates in technical communication may be completed entirely online, although general education courses necessary for the undergraduate degree are typically not available online.

Graduate Program

Our graduates typically pursue work in industry, teaching opportunities, or doctoral studies. All coursework may be completed in residence or online.

Advisory Board

One of the ways the Technical Communication program stays connected with the profession is through our Advisory Board. Begun in 2018, the Advisory Board consists of alumni and community members, and represents a range of positions and industries in which technical communicators work.

Internship Information

An internship is required for the Technical Communication BS or MS. The internship provides an opportunity to apply your learning in a workplace environment.

Technical Communication Faculty & Contact Information

Faculty and staff contact information for the Technical Communication Program.