Does your program require the GRE?

No, our program does not require the GRE for admission.

What types of tests and work do students complete?

Our program does not have tests. We do have projects that students complete each year. These projects can include working together in the collective action project or creating their portfolio at the end of their first year within the program. Also in each course students will be asked to write papers as well as take some form of leadership, this can range for leading class discussions to presentations. For more information about the Collective Action Project click here.

How large are the graduate classes?

Graduate classes are smaller than undergraduate classes. The size depends upon the number of students in your cohort. Also some classes may have a few other students from related fields outside of the department, but typically your classes will not exceed nine people.

What types of funding are available for students?

Our graduate students have many options for funding. There are positions within our department as well as positions around campus. Each graduate student is required to submit the application for each position they are applying for. You can find a comprehensive list of graduate positions here.

What types of housing our available in Mankato and how close are they to campus?

Mankato has a wide range of housing located near the university and throughout town. It includes both houses and apartments good for students as well as families. Some places do have pet policies so be sure to check and make sure. Click here to find out more information about housing in Mankato as well as view examples of the types of places available.

How friendly is the community to LGBT individuals?

Both Mankato and the university are very friendly places. The university has the comfort of having an LGBT Center as well as many student clubs to get involved with. The Mankato community has numerous LGBT friendly businesses and places to hang out. At the beginning of each fall Mankato also hosts a pride parade, South Central Minnesota Pride sets up the event. South Central Minnesota Pride also keeps a list of LGBT friendly businesses and places throughout Mankato here.