The Mankato Historical and Architectural Tour:

the legacy of professor Jan Cherrington

September 13, 2021 |

Professor Emerita Jan Cherrington

Professor Jan Cherrington

Professor Emerita Jan Cherrington (known to her students as “Dr. J”) developed a Mankato walking tour for her students to learn about Mankato’s historical and ar-chitectural heritage. She required her students to take the tour and write an essay on their experience. Her tour covered over 30 sites which included homes of Mankato’s founders and distinguished citizens, parks, churches, institutional buildings, and com-mercial-industrial development.Before Dr. J retired, URSI students Situ Chitrakar, Kate Taylor and Jacob Dada worked to create the next generation of her tour for their Urban Studies Studio project under instructors Russell Fricano and Miriam Porter. In the process, they researched sites in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and conducted field visits throughout Mankato. The studio team also worked extensively with Bryan Hoffman of IT Solutions to convert Dr. J’s walking tour into digital format on the university server. Their result was the online Manka-to Historical and Architectural tour that has photographic and written descriptions of each site, including mapped location, date of construction, architectural style, interesting facts, and prominent inhabitants. You can access the tour on the internet on your desktop and also on your mobile device.

Tour from desktop

The Walking Tour Home Page

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The Mankato Historical and Architectural and Walking tour is available at the following link:
or by Googling “Mankato Historical and Architectural Tour”.

The Walking Tour is also accessible on mobile devices