What is EARTH Systems Lab?

The EARTH Systems Lab is an interdisciplinary partnership between Minnesota State faculty in Earth Science, Archeology, and Physical Geography that serves as a hub for innovative and collaborative scientific research with regional, national, and global impacts. This research center is student-focused, as it produces unique experiential learning opportunities by integrating scientific inquiry in the classroom, provides extra-curricular research opportunities, and trains students in state-of-the-science methodologies for addressing both theoretical and applied scientific questions related to cultural heritage preservation, human-environment interactions, soils, erosional processes (e.g. rivers, glaciers, and wind), climate change, environmental change, natural hazards (e.g. landslides), and more.

Our Mission

  • Provide analytical capabilities, technical expertise, and training in Geography, Earth Science, Anthropology, and Archeology
  • Support an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to research & learning by integrating a diverse mix of faculty and students in a shared research space