What is EARTH Systems Lab?

The EARTH Systems Lab is an interdisciplinary partnership between Minnesota State faculty in Earth Science, Archeology, and Physical Geography that serves as a hub for educating and preparing students for the future through innovative and collaborative scientific research with regional, national, and global impacts. This research center is student-focused, as it produces unique experiential learning opportunities by integrating scientific inquiry in the classroom, provides extra-curricular research opportunities, and trains students in state-of-the-science methodologies for addressing both theoretical and applied scientific questions related to cultural heritage preservation, human-environment interactions, soils, erosional processes (e.g. rivers, glaciers, and wind), climate change, environmental change, natural hazards (e.g. landslides), and more.

Our Mission

  • Provide analytical capabilities, technical expertise, and training in Geography, Earth Science, Anthropology, and Archeology
  • Support an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to research & learning by integrating a diverse mix of faculty and students in a shared research space

Where we're Located

If you’re looking for us, please feel free to visit the Lab in Carkowski Commons 150 or, if no one is available, please visit the Geography Department at room 206 in Morris Hall.