Upcoming Course Offerings in Health Communication 2023-2024

The required courses for the Health Communication minor include:

ENG 271w: Technical Communication (Multiple sections offered each semester)
  • Introduction to learning the written and oral communication of technical information. Assignments include writing and presenting proposals, reports, and documentation. Emphasis on the use of rhetorical analysis, computer applications, collaborative writing, and usability testing to complete technical communication tasks in the workplace.
CMST 370: Foundations of Health Communication
  • Communication impacts every facet of our experience of health and well-being. This course introduces students to the subdiscipline of health communication, its key concepts, and important theories and research in the field.
ENG 483: Writing About Health and Medicine
  • This course addresses the skills required for technical communication within the context of health and medicine. Students will discuss typical audiences, purposes, and genres of health and medical communication. Students will adapt complex health and medical information for audiences with varying levels of knowledge, demonstrating awareness of audience analysis, visual design, plain language, and ethics.

CMST 470: Special Topics in Health Communication

  • Special interest courses devoted to specific topics within health communication. Topics vary, and courses may be retaken for credit under different topic headings.

Here’s the schedule for when the upper-level courses are planned to be offered:

Summer 2023

CMST (soon to be COMM) 370: Foundations of Health Communication (Kerber)

  • 4 credits
  • Asynchronous online
  • First summer session (5/15-6/16)

CMST (soon to be COMM) 470: Special Topics in Health Communication (Kerber)

  • 4 credits
  • Asynchronous online
  • Second summer session (6/20-7/21)

Topic: Everyday Health Communication

This course explores how we communicate our experiences with health, wellness, and illness in the ordinary (and often spontaneous) conversations with friends, family, co-workers, and others of daily life. These discussions are “where we share stories about our health challenges and triumphs, support one another during difficult times, make sense of our particular experiences, and attempt to create changes for improved health.” (Head & Bute, 2017, p. 787).   

Fall 2023

ENG 4/583: Writing About Health & Medicine (Bakke)  (only offered in Fall)
  • 4 credits 
  • Synchronous online – Mondays 7-8:30 pm
COMM 370: Foundations of Health Communication
  • 4 credits
  • Asynchronous online
COMM 470: Topics in Health Communication
  • 4 credits
  • In-person, AH 225 -- T, Th 2:00-3:40

Spring 2024

To be determined!