Political Science, BS

The Political Science BS program examines politics in the United States, and various countries and regions of the world. The study of public affairs and government is essential for developing effective citizenship and pursuing successful professional careers in the public and private sectors.

Political Science, BA

The Political Science BA program examines politics and government in the United States, and in various countries and regions of the world. This degree track is recommended for students planning a career in law, jobs related to international affairs, and future graduate education.

Political Science, Minor

The Political Science minor provides students majoring in other disciplines with an opportunity to explore how and why public decisions are made and to acquire better knowledge and understanding of the structure of politics in the United States and around the world.

Political Science, Graduate Certificate

The Political Science graduate certificate is designed for secondary and post-secondary teachers and post-secondary instructors who would like to further their professional development, meet post-secondary faculty qualifications, or earn their first credits toward an eventual master’s degree.


The Pre-Law program at Minnesota State Mankato is a pre-major, which means that it is done in conjunction with another academic major. Pre-majors do not have a set curriculum, although there are some courses that are recommended in preparing for law school.