Field Experience

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In the Psychology Department, students completing field experiences (such as a volunteer opportunity or internship) can choose to enroll in the course: PSYC 497 Field Experience. Any experience connected to psychology is eligible, and can be an opportunity to develop your skills, build your resume, and explore different career options in psychology, while also earning course credit.

The skills you gain through these experiences will be helpful as you apply to graduate schools or begin your career after graduation. Some examples of eligible field experiences include working in a group home or setting that supports adults and children with disabilities, participating in after-school tutoring, youth coaching, interning with a human resources office in a local company, and many more.

PSYC 497 is one of several “Capstone” courses offered in which completing 4 credits fulfills a requirement in the “Major Common Core."

If you are interested in completing a field experience here are the steps you should take:

  1. You may have a field experience location in mind, or you may connect with your advisor or the Career Development Center to explore your options.

Here are some links to get you started finding a volunteer or internship opportunity:

  1. With a location in mind, contact the field experience coordinator Dr. Bradley Arsznov, to discuss whether this opportunity connects to psychology.
  2. The field experience coordinator will send you the Psyc 497 syllabus and field experience agreement form to review.
  3. You will complete the field experience agreement form and also send it to your field experience site supervisor to sign.
  4. Once you return the signed form to the field experience coordinator, you will receive permission to register for PSYC 497. You can enroll in 1–8 credits, with each credit equaling 25 hours of work at the location over the course of the semester.

*Direct questions to Dr. Bradley Arsznov at