Psych In Your World

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The “Psych In Your World” video series features short lectures by psychology professors at Minnesota State University, Mankato on a range of topics connected to psychology. These videos were created as resources for teachers of psychology at all levels.

Thinking Errors and Psychology Skills

Description: A core topic in psychology is understanding how we think about our world. In this video, cognitive psychologist Dr. Karla Lassonde describes some common thinking errors.

Conformity and Social Norms

Description: Humans are social creatures, and the area of social psychology studies how other people can influence us, either directly or indirectly. In this video, social psychologist Dr. Emily Stark talks about conformity and social norms.


Description: In this video, industrial/organizational psychologist Dr. Kristie Campana talks about motivation.

Decisions: Fast and Slow

Description: Many researchers have combined brain science with different areas of psychology to examine how the actions and structures of our brain influence our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In this video, neuroscientist Dr. Adam Steiner talks about the different brain regions that influence how we make decisions.

Punishment and Reinforcement

Description: In this video, Dr. Chip Panahon talks about the principles of reinforcement and punishment. These are core ideas that relate to a lot of our real-world experiences with learning.

Groups and Teams

Description: In this video, industrial/organizational psychologist Dr. Andi Lassiter discusses research on groups and teams.

 Aging and Mental Health

Description: Here, clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Buchanan discusses research on aging and mental health, and how many stereotypes that we hold about elderly people are wrong.

Using the 3 P’s to Be A Good Person

Description: Here, clinical psychologist Dr. Angelica Aguirre talks about the field of applied behavior analysis. This is an area of psychology where psychologists and clinicians use basic principles of learning and behaviors to help shape people's behaviors, such as improving communication and social skills in individuals with cognitive disabilities.

Brand Equity

Description: In this video, Dr. Dan Sachau discusses his applied research on golf, and how this research applies to marketing of brand name products.

Gender Schemas

Description: In this video, Dr. Kristie Campana introduces the concept of ‘schemas’, and how these help us organize information about our world. She specifically applies schemas to thinking about gender, and how schemas can contribute to gender-based stereotypes and assumptions.