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Urban Planning (MA)

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Program Requirements

Common Core

Scheduled work assignments varying in length and content under the supervision of selected professional sponsors.

Prerequisites: none

This course is a survey of the local community--the forces which shape it, the significance of a democratic public, and professional practice of local government service.

Prerequisites: none

Research/Methods Course(s)

This course is designed to develop the skills needed to gather, analyze, and present information for resolving applied problems in local government and community settings.

Prerequisites: none

Restricted Electives

Choose 12 Credit(s).

Survey of the history, concepts, values, and ethics of public-sector planning. Emphasis on practical and comprehensive approach to developing and implementing plans.

Prerequisites: none

This course covers the role of law and its influence on the planning profession. Specifically, the course addresses the legal standards by which land use is regulated and controlled in the United States.

Prerequisites: none

Comprehensive planning process in urban areas, including basic studies, capital improvement programming, and exercises.

Prerequisites: none

Current planning, including zoning, subdivision regulations, annexations, and special projects.

Prerequisites: none

Unrestricted Electives

Choose 12 Credit(s). Student chooses courses from URSI or other departments with consent of advisor

Capstone Course

An advanced learning experience working in small group settings on applied projects and problem solving. The team project produced in the studio meets graduate student's capstone project requirements.

Prerequisites: none