English Writing Studies Minor

Program Requirements


Work on developing mastery of the rhetorical principles of planning, executing, and revising written texts. Emphasis on strengthening analytical writing, both expository and argumentative; valuable for writing on the job.

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Goal Areas: GE-02

Expressive expository and argumentative writing. For anyone interested in developing advanced rhetorical skills such as invention, arrangement, and style in discourse. Especially recommended for students who plan to write as part of their careers or pursue graduate study.

Prerequisites: ENG 101 and permission of instructor

Restricted Electives

Choose 12 Credit(s).

A review of traditional grammar designed to prepare students for advanced work in language and grammar. This course will run for a half-semester.

Prerequisites: none

Extensive reading in an area for which the student has had basic preparation.

Prerequisites: Consent

Advanced workshop in writing personal essays and literary journalism. May be repeated.

Prerequisites: ENG 340 or ENG 342

Advanced writing course emphasizing major contemporary public issues. Practice in and study of: the logic by which writers construct arguments; the various means that writers use to persuade an audience; the conventions of evidence, claims, and arguments in persuasive discourses.

Prerequisites: ENG 201W, ENG 301W

Advanced interdisciplinary writing emphasizes critical reading and thinking, argumentative writing, library research, and documentation of sources in an academic setting. Practice and study of selected rhetorics of inquiry employed in academic disciplines preparing students for different systems of writing.

Prerequisites: ENG 201W, ENG 301W