English Writing Studies Minor

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Students analyze and apply rhetorical principles in their writing with new media. As members of a media-saturated culture, we know that print text is only one form of writing, and sometimes it is not the most effective choice. Because all of us make sense of texts and issues in a variety of ways, this course asks students to utilize multimodal (visual, aural, etc.) forms of communication and become more informed, critical consumers of new media writing themselves.

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Goal Areas: GE-02

Expressive expository and argumentative writing. For anyone interested in developing advanced rhetorical skills such as invention, arrangement, and style in discourse. Especially recommended for students who plan to write as part of their careers or pursue graduate study.

Prerequisites: ENG 101 and permission of instructor

Restricted Electives

Choose 8 Credit(s).

Introduction to learning the written and oral communication of technical information. Assignments include writing and presenting proposals, reports, and documentation. Emphasis on use of rhetorical analysis, computer applications, collaborative writing, and usability testing to complete technical communication tasks in the workplace.

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Goal Areas: GE-02, GE-13

Theory, practice, and materials for teaching English language arts in middle school and high school, with particular attention to language and writing.

Prerequisites: none

Students will examine a current area of interest in the field of Writing Studies, including the topic's theoretical, scholarly, and pedagogical implications for writing and/or the teaching of writing. This course can be repeated for credit as the topic changes each time it is offered.

Prerequisites: none

Writing in an area and of a type for which the student has demonstrated ability. May be repeated. Pre: Consent

Prerequisites: Consent

Practice in writing various types of reports for a variety of purposes and audiences. Includes primary and secondary research methods, and data analysis of information to be used in reports.

Prerequisites: ENG 271W or ENG 272W

This course addresses the skills required for technical communication within the context of health and medicine. Students will discuss typical audiences, purposes, and genres of health and medical communication. Students will adapt complex health and medical information for audiences with varying levels of knowledge, demonstrating awareness of audience analysis, visual design, plain language, and ethics.

Prerequisites: none

Introduction to theory and best practices of teaching second language grammar and vocabulary to a variety of English learners in multiple contexts - specifically focusing on content based teaching practices.

Prerequisites: none

Introduction to theory and best practices of teaching second language reading and writing to a variety of English learners in multiple contexts.

Prerequisites: none