College Course Offering

Students will engage in theory and research-based, culturally responsive, and culturally relevant criminal justice courses.  The following core, required courses will be offered and taught by full-time faculty from the Department of Criminal Justice, Minnesota State University, Mankato and are courses that would count towards a Criminal Justice higher education degree.

  • First Fall: CJ101: Introduction to Criminal Justice (3): Examines the making of criminal law, the evolution of policing, the adjudication of persons accused of criminal law violations, and the punishment of adult offenders.
  • First Spring: CJ255: Juvenile Justice (3): A critical consideration of definitions of juvenile delinquency, emphasis on micro and macro level of struggle in which delinquent behavior takes place, critique of current theories on delinquency, and the juvenile justice response to delinquency.
  • Second Fall: CJ201: Careers in Criminal Justice (3): This course will introduce students to the numerous agencies and organizations that make up the criminal justice system and its components. A primary goal for this course is to help students prepare for, as well as succeed in, a criminal justice system career.
  • Second Spring: CJ231: Criminal Law and Procedures (4): The history, development, and application of criminal laws and criminal procedures in the criminal justice system.